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Trainers  The Learning Challenge  The Process  Technology Overview  Pricing


Are you looking for a training product that:

  • is fun
  • is effective
  • will help people "buy in" and gain understanding for the importance of:
    • teamwork
    • vision and mission statements
    • planning & strategic thinking
    • communicating effectively
    • accepting change
  • is easy to run and be facilitated by a professional trainer, manager, coach or teacher
    • easy to use Facilitator Manual with step by step instructions
  • can be done at locations with high speed internet access
  • takes less than 4 hours to complete
  • can be used as the lead-in to a more comprehensive training session

Look no further. Oceans AliveTM is an Internet-based interactive realization learning program that allows individuals to realize and understand key areas that we need to be competent in for success today. The learning experience is fast paced, exhilarating and fun.

Oceans AliveTM has incorporated the fundamentals that experts in adult education stress are required for effective learning. It is:

  • pertinent
  • experiential
  • self-directed
  • exciting & fun

The Learning Challenge

There are two key things that hold people back from reaching their potential for themselves, their organization or their team:

  1. Habits
Their are two constant things happening in the world today: The first constant is the accelerating pace of change. The second constant is resistance to change. We are all creatures of habit. It is estimated that up to 96% of our daily activities are said to be habitual. Is there any wander that we resist change?
  1. Attitudes
Attitudes control the release or inhibition of a person, an organization or a team in reaching or not reaching their potential. Very simply, an attitude is just the direction in which we lean. When we talk about negative attitudes, we're talking avoidance. When we talk about positive attitudes we see something good in a situation. We aren't born with attitudes, they are acquired over time. Attitudes determine what a person will let them self do. Only after you have set goals (vision, mission statements and planning) do you become aware of what a person is avoiding or why they are procrastinating.

Most people today understand that ongoing personal development is vital to staying competitive . You, your organization or your team's ability to learn and understand the importance of key competencies may very well be the only sustainable advantage you can exploit into the new millennium.

This view is tempered with the reality that many training programs are less than effective. Research is telling us that typical corporate training results in only 10-20% retention and application of what is presented.

It was with this mind-set that Oceans AliveTM was developed.

The Process

3 - 2- 1 - 0 BLAST OFF!

Oceans AliveTM starts with teams (2-4 crew members on each team) being launched into space in search of a critical solution. Using a combination of computer inputting and personal interactions, teams will guide their spaceship into the unknown, communicate with various worlds and hopefully succeed in solving a major problem. This 90 minute interactive computer experience will expose typical individual and team skills.

This exciting intergalactic experience will be followed with a dynamic 90 minute debrief. Data from the experience is blended with the input of the participants and the facilitator to uncover some truths and solutions to common real world workplace and team dilemmas. Participants will go through a self-realization process that gets "buy in" and understanding to key areas that we need to be competent in for success today and fosters a commitment to behavioral change.

Oceans AliveTM is a 3 1/2 hour computer mediated interactive realization learning program.

One participant described the process in an interesting manner:

"It is like a high-tech outward bound experience indoors!"

Oceans AliveTM Technology Overview

Computers & Internet:

Computers can be in the same room, can be in different rooms or offices within the facility or can be done remotely if the location has access to a phone with hands free capability to dial into a conference call.

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LCD Projector

LCD projector compatible with the facilitator computer designated as "Server".


A licensing fee of $3,495.00 per training session. A session can have a minimum of 3 teams to a maximum of 10 teams with 2 to 4 crew members on each team. One session can train as few as 6 to a maximum of 40 people. For trainers who facilitate sessions with clients we recommend an additional facilitation fee of $1,500.00 to $2,000.00 be charged on top of the $3,495.00 licensing fee.

Money Back Guarantee

If you are not completely satisfied with Oceans AliveTM after completing a session we will refund your money in full.